What is a ride policy and how do I create one?

Ride policies enable you to decide when and where your employees can ride. Uber automatically ensures that only trips that follow your policy can be charged to your company account.

To create a ride policy, login to your Admin dashboard at www.uber.com/business and click on the Settings tab:

  • The default policy is ‘All Rides’ which enables your employees to take a ride on your company account at any time.
  • ‘Business Hours’ will restrict the days and times in which a ride can be requested. For example: Monday-Friday, between 8AM-6PM. 
  • ‘Rides Home’ enables you to help employees get home when they put in long hours. Your employees can only take rides within the specified days and times and from your office location(s): for instance, your employees could take a ride home Monday through Friday after 9PM until 5AM. The pickup location radius must be within a quarter-mile (400m) of the office location(s) you specify. 

Currently, there can only be one active ride policy per Uber for Business account. The ride policy applies to all employees on your account.



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