Tools for Users with Visual Impairments

Users with visual impairments can use Uber with ease thanks to VoiceOver iOS compatibility. VoiceOver can be used in connection with a wireless braille display, and is available in all Uber cities and languages.

For more information, see Apple’s website.


Using the Uber app with VoiceOver

To open the Uber app

  • Drag the selection button to the Uber icon, followed by a double tap to open the app.

Setting your pickup location

  • Tap “Set Pickup Location.” The black line indicated on the right shows the button selected using VoiceOver.
  • To manually input your pickup location, swipe up and for the button to select the pickup location search field. Double tap the pickup location search field.
  • In the search field, you can use Siri dictation to input your location, or type manually.

Selecting a vehicle

  • After setting your pickup location and going back to the request screen, swipe down to select a vehicle.
  • Once the button selected is the vehicle of your choice, double tap to hear ETA, minimum fare, and maximum number of passengers.
  • Swipe up to hear rates. These rates will reflect the surge multiplier at the time.
  • To return to the pickup screen, swipe to the cancel button.

Requesting a ride

  • Double tap the “Set Pickup Location” button to request a ride.
  • This will lead you to the confirmation screen. Swipe down to change your payment type, get a fare quote, or enter a promotion code.
  • Swipe down again to request your ride.


Screen Enhancements

Visually impaired riders can invert colors on their screen to better see their display. Go to your iPhone’s General Settings menu, and head to the Accessibility tab. Select Invert Colors, and the settings apply system-wide.

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