Ensuring Smooth Pickup: Tools for Users with Visual Impairments

Once your Driver is Assigned, use the following tools to ensure a smooth pickup.

After your driver is assigned, swipe down on the screen to hear his name, rating, and vehicle information. Swipe to the trip actions menu to split a fare, share your ETA with a friend, contact your driver, change your payment type, or cancel the trip:

  • Split a fare: Tap the “Split Fare” button. Your contacts list will populate, and you can use Siri dictation or manually type in a friend’s name to split a fare.
  • Share ETA: Tap the “Share ETA” button. Enter your drop off location in the search field using Siri dictation or typing manually. Uber will create a new text message for you to send to a friend.
  • Contact driver: Tap the “Contact Driver” button. Swipe the button to “Call Driver” or “Message Driver,” and double tap to proceed.
  • Change payment: Tap the “Change Payment” button. Swipe down to select the correct credit card to charge, and double tap to confirm. To turn Uber credits on or off, double tap to slide the credits bar.
  • Cancel trip: Tap the “Cancel Trip” button. Swipe to “yes” or “no” to confirm you’d like to cancel your ride. Double tap to proceed.


Confirming Pickup

  • By contacting your driver through the trip actions menu, you can get verbal confirmation that the driver will pick you up in the location indicated.
  • You will receive a push notification that your driver has arrived. With VoiceOver enabled, this notification will be read aloud.
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