What is the American Express Membership Rewards® program with Uber?

With an eligible American Express Card enrolled in the Membership Rewards® program and the latest version of the Uber app for iPhone or Android you can choose to: 

  1. Earn 2x points on eligible Uber rides
  2. Use points to pay eligible Uber rides *

*Note: not all Cards are eligible to use Membership Rewards points for rides.


How do I enroll in this program?

Ensure you have an eligible American Express Card on your Uber account and the latest version of the Uber app for iPhone or Android. You’ll see a screen announcing the membership program with an “Enable” button.

Don’t see that screen? Find your American Express Card under the “Payment” section of the menu in your Uber app and tap “Enable”. You can also sign-up for Uber and/or enroll in the program by visiting uber.com/amex.


What American Express Cards are able to participate in this program?

In order to earn 2x Membership Rewards points or use points for rides you must have an American Express Card enrolled in the U.S. Membership Rewards program that is current and not in default. Participation in the Membership Rewards program is only available to select American Express Card products issued by American Express. Click here to view eligible Cards

Please note, once enrolled in the program you will only see the option to use points if you are the Basic Card Member (primary account holder) or are authorized by the Basic Card Member to redeem points (as an authorized Additional Card Member). Your account must also be in good standing, not in default at time of redemption, and have enough points to cover the full amount (including fare, tip & tolls; the tip may be applicable to taxi rides only).

If you are an eligible Additional Card Member who is not authorized, you will not be able to use points for Uber rides. But don’t worry! You will still be able to earn 2x points for rides.


How do I choose whether I’d like to earn points or use points for my ride?

After setting your pickup location, you have the option to choose which Card you’d like to use for your ride. Ensure your enrolled American Express Card is selected and you will see an option to earn 2x points or (if you are authorized) use points to pay for your ride.

If you are only eligible to earn points for your rides and not use points, you will earn 2x points each time you take an eligible ride and will see a confirmation in the Uber app and your email receipt from Uber.

Please note, if you are using the UberT service in New York City, you must pay your driver directly as payments are not made within the Uber app. When you pay the driver directly with your enrolled Card, outside of the Uber app, you will not earn 2x points or have the option to use points.


How do I know how many points I have?

If you are eligible to use points, your Membership Rewards point balance will be displayed when you select “Use Points” on the “Confirmation” screen before you request your ride, along with the Uber-specific conversion rate from points to dollars. Please note that the point balance you see before requesting the ride may not necessarily be the point balance that is available at the end of the ride.

You can also view your available point balance by logging in to your American Express Membership Rewards summary page at membershiprewards.com and clicking on the “Activity Detail” tab.


Can I use points to cover a portion of my total ride cost?

You can only use points for the total cost of your ride.  If you select “Use Points,” and your ride total exceeds your available point balance, your Card will be charged the full fare in dollars. You will then earn 2x points for the fare.


Can I use Membership Rewards points if I use the “Fare Split” feature to split the cost of my trip with friends?

Absolutely. As stated above, your points balance must cover your portion of the fare in full, otherwise your Card will be charged and you will instead earn 2x points. Be sure that you’ve selected the enrolled Card when requesting your ride.

If you’ve been invited to split a fare, tap the “Trip Settings” button and ensure your enrolled Card is selected in the “Change Payment” menu.


I used Membership Rewards points for my ride by accident and would like to pay in dollars.

If you used Membership Rewards points by accident, please contact American Express Customer Care by calling the number on the back of your Card for assistance.


I no longer want the option to use points for Uber rides.

If you do not want to see the option to use points on future Uber rides, you can hide the “Use Points” option within the Uber app under the “Edit Payment” section for the enrolled Card.  By selecting “No”, you will no longer see the option to “Use Points” when using the enrolled Card but you will still earn 2x points on eligible rides.


I previously opted out from using points, but would like to opt back in again.

If you hid the option to use points and want to see it again, you can enable the feature by returning to the “Payment” section of the Uber app and selecting “Yes” for the enrolled Card.  By selecting “Yes”, you will earn 2x points and see the “Use Points” option for eligible rides.


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Please visit this FAQ hosted by American Express or visit the program overview

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