Why was my fare higher than I expected?

There are a few factors that can affect your fare, making it higher than you had anticipated:

  • More expensive Uber option: Every city has a selection of Uber options that vary in cost. You can check which option you selected by reviewing the receipt we sent to your email address. For more detailed information about which vehicle options are available in your city and how their fares are calculated, visit uber.com/cities and find your city’s homepage. Once you’re there, you can scroll down to view the options available in your city and how their fares are calculated.

  • Surge pricing: During times of high demand fares will be subject to a surge multiplier, causing your rate to be higher than the typical rate.

  • Inefficient route: Every once in a while, your driver might take a route that could have been more direct. You can review your route on the receipt we send to your email. If you don’t think your driver went the best way, contact us at t.uber.com/support and we will be happy to review your fare.
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