Can I request a ride for a friend or a client?

You can use Uber to request a ride for someone other than yourself. Note that you can only request one ride at a time, so if you’re trying to request different cars for people you need to wait until the trip is finished before requesting again.

Requesting for someone who is with you:

If you are requesting a ride for someone who is with you, just enter your location and have your guest get into the car instead of you. Let your driver know that while you requested the car, you won’t be riding.

Requesting for someone not at your location:

If the person you’re requesting a car for is in a different place, be sure to enter their location, not yours. Once a driver has accepted your request, call the driver and let him or her know that the passenger is someone other than yourself.

You should also share the driver's license plate number, name, and phone number with your friend so he or she can confirm the driver's identity and location.

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