How do I earn Uber credits/rides for referring my friends?

Want to spread the Uber love? All you have to do is share your personal promo code with them. They'll get Uber credit/rides from your invite, and you'll get Uber credit/rides in your account once they ride. Here's how to share:

  1. Sign into your account at
  2. Click Invite friends
  3. If you'd like, click Personalize to pick what you'd like your personal promo code to be
  4. Share the link with your friends!

You can also share Uber straight from the Uber app, as shown below:

Referral policy: Consistent with Uber's Terms, personal invite links should only be used for personal and non-commercial purposes. This means that you can share your invite link with your personal connections via email, Twitter feeds, Facebook pages, personal blogs, etc. where you are the primary content owner. However public distribution on sites where you are a contributor but not the primary content owner (e.g., Wikipedia, coupon websites) is not allowed. Promoting your referral code via Search Engine Marketing (e.g., AdWords/Yahoo/Bing) is also not allowed.

The referee must ride within 3 months of applying the code for both parties to receive the promo value. After 3 months, the promotion will no longer apply.

Uber reserves the right to suspend your account and/or revoke any and all referral credits/rides at any time if we feel they were earned inappropriately.

Uber credit will be applied to fares billed in the corresponding currency. Example: Uber credit value in USD will only be applied to fares billed in USD.

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