Authorisation Charges Explained

Are you the type of person who checks their bank statements after each transaction? Then you may have noticed that your available balance is £20 below what you'd expect after using Uber. This normally doesn't show up on your statement, but will be reflected in your available balance.

Don't worry! We haven't charged you.

Many businesses such as hotels, use a pre-auth charge to check if a card is valid, as does Uber in some cases. It's mportant to know that this is not actually a charge to your account. Our secure payment gateway uses a £20 authorisation charge to verify your card is valid when you sign up, add a new card, or in some cases when you book an Uber ride. To clarify, this isn't a charge - it is a hold on the funds on your credit / debit card that is there to ensure that you have the resources to pay for the goods or services being purchased. Some banks may add a * or a P at the end of the line description on the statement to show that this is going to be voided.

We instantly void these charges on our side, however, some UK banks may keep the funds on hold for up to 14 days. For the majority of banks this is no longer than an hour.

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